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AMIT Renanim to launch first gifted track for Orthodox girls

The AMIT Renanim Junior and Senior Science and Technology High School will offer a gifted track for Orthodox girls in the upcoming school year, marking a first for the educational landscape in central Israel.

Such a track for academically outstanding girls who are also religiously observant means those students won’t have to choose between attending a religious school versus pursuing a gifted track at a secular school.

Renanim Principal Ofra Pe’er along with her colleagues Varda Shalom and Esti Friedman spearheaded this initiative by going directly to Education Minister Naftali Bennett with a request to open the unique track at the school. Gifted students account for 2-3% of students across Israel, and they wanted to offer the same standards of academic excellence to religiously observant girls.

Minister Bennett, together with the Ra’anana municipality, approved the initiative for the coming school year.

The new track will help gifted girls pursue their areas of interest in an effort to fulfill their maximum potential within a framework of religious, Zionist education.

“From now on, girls won’t have to choose between religious, Zionist education and a gifted track—both will exist at AMIT Renanim,” said Friedman, the principal of the junior high school. She added that the school believes in catering education to each student, whether they require special needs, are new immigrants, or are academically gifted.

Candidates for the new track can register for placement tests on the Education Ministry website, and the tests will take place by January.

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