Visiting Israel - AMIT

Visiting Israel

Visiting Israel

Come to Israel and experience for yourself the AMIT difference. Whether you are planning a family trip or joining us on a mission, there are many opportunities to visit some of our amazing schools and programs and witness first-hand the educational transformation taking place throughout Israel. AMIT was recently selected by the Ministry of Education as the leading education network across all measurements in Israel including quality bagrut, pedagogical innovation, pluralism & bridging the gap, lowest dropout rate and integrity.

Your trip will provide a heightened appreciation of the impact that your support of AMIT makes possible. Our missions will take you on some wonderful adventures that engage your mind, heart, soul and body.

If you are planning a personal trip, we can help arrange a visit to some of the outstanding schools where you can meet and speak with the principals, teachers and students whose lives have been changed for the better because of AMIT’s innovative educational approach to 21st-century learning techniques.

We promise you that you’ll have an unforgettable journey throughout Israel and return home inspired by the achievements of our AMIT students.

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