AMIT Children- Building Israel, One Child at a Time

Our Mission

AMIT enables Israel’s youth to realize their potential, and strengthens Israeli society by educating and nurturing children from diverse backgrounds within a framework of academic excellence, religious values and Zionist ideals.
Percent of AMIT Students

received their bagrut diploma, compared to 70% of Jewish students in Israel.

AMIT Students attend

over 110 schools and programs in 29 cities throughout Israel every year.

AMIT Alumni

are proud citizens of the State of Israel and are found in every profession and walk of life.

Donor Stories

Shining a Spotlight on Shari & Jacob S

“My perspective changed when I went on the 90th mission to see it, to be in the schools, to see it happening. It was unbelievable to me, and I came back really inspired and interested in doing more,” said Shari. “They don’t just run schools, they actually teach how to run schools and develop curriculum. There are all types of kids and we need to serve them all,” commented Jacob.

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