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A Year of Change

By Jillian Lev

My year spent at Midreshet AMIT was the best year of my life. Although it was difficult, I left fulfilled, happy, and confident with the person I had become.

What drew me to the program was the moral code of the school and the chesed that I would be involved with throughout the year. These daily acts of chesed changed my life. I felt comfortable with the environment the minute I walked into the AMIT dorms. The girls who decided to attend AMIT were beyond special. From that first day, AMIT became my new home and the place where I would learn some of life’s most important and meaningful lessons.

Our classes were informative and inspiring, teaching us not only the laws of the Torah but how we can incorporate these laws into our everyday lives. We were instilled with morals and given all the necessary midot in order to become passionate and honest young Jewish women.

The children I met at Beit Hayeled will a part of me forever. My Beit Hayeled children were some of the most inspiring human beings that I have ever met. It is incredible how such young children can have such an impact on another’s life. They taught me things about life and myself. I formed a deep connection with them; one that I will carry with me all my life.

At Midreshet AMIT we use Torah AND chesed to help us mature. We learned how to be good Jewish women. Midreshet AMIT taught me about Zionism, achdut, family, responsibility, passion and honesty. It was a year that changed me and a year that will stay with me forever.

Jillian Lev

Great Neck, NY

For information on this exciting program for post high school girls,
please visit http://midreshetamit.org/

From the first time I stepped into the Beit Hayeled I knew I was home. The administration and teachers in Midreshet AMIT are amazing, caring and loving. The families there are so kind and one can’t help but develop close bonds with them and all the children of AMIT.

Ilana Ambrose, class of 2011

My year in Israel was incredible. I went to interesting places for Shabbat, made amazing lifelong friends, and learned so much about myself and my Judaism. Midreshet AMIT did so much for me and will always have a place in my heart.

Leora Prince, class of 2011

I consider myself very lucky to have spent the year with the kids, and to see how they lived their every day lives.

Tamar Gold, class of 2010

I remember the first time I tucked in my girls. They were so excited that an American was going to read Hebrew that they were giggling away! I made so many mistakes that she just grabbed the book and started teaching me Hebrew. Yes, she was 6, but the connection we made was so much deeper then the mistakes in reading, just the idea that this relationship was give and take became more than enough.

I didn’t anticipate how much chesed one can really do in 24 hours and learning how to really appreciate life.

Keved Blumenfrucht, class of 2010