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A Meaningful Graduation

The 6th grade girls at AMIT Noam in Kfar Batya, Raanana chose to celebrate the end of their elementary school studies together with the residents of the Amal Senior Cititzens’ home in Raanana.

The relationship between the students and the residents began about two years ago. For the past two years, the students visited the elderly every month and formed a strong connection with them. The girls ran a variety of activities for the residents – sports activities, spa days, barbecues, and art projects related to the various holidays. This year, as part of the students’ Bat Mitzvah year, the students began to collect the personal stories of the elderly residents. As an alternative assessment project for their Hebrew and language studies, the students wrote down the personal story of each resident.

A festive graduation party was held at the senior residence, where the students shared with the elderly the written documentaries they had written about their lives. The graduation party was combined with a festive breakfast, dancing and performances by the girls. The excited residents of the home thanked the students and their teachers for their warm friendship and wished them continued success in middle school.

Ayelet Ofir, the principal of the school, summed up the moving event: “The students will never forget the way they marked the end of their elementary school years. They will take with them the values of respect for others, appreciation of the previous generation, and contribution to the community. “

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