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100 AMIT students attend prestigious biomed conference

One hundred young men and women from AMIT schools in northern Israel recently attended the Israel Society for Medical and Biological Engineering (ISMBE) conference, which brings together researchers, engineers, and physicians from the academy, hospitals, industry, and investors.

The annual conference aims to promote professional communication among Israeli engineers, physicians, and scientists whose work relates to biomedical engineering and to foster educational activities in these areas, consolidate joint research programs, and discuss commercial endeavors.

The students from AMIT schools in Karmiel, Hatzor HaGlilit, Tzfat, and Haifa, many of whom live in the socioeconomic or geographic periphery of the country, were invited to a panel on popular science. They heard lectures from leading scientists and researchers in various fields of biomedicine, such as 3D tissue printing, innovative X-ray and MRI, medical robots, and more.

Dr. Dafna Ben Yosef, the head of academic excellence and science studies in the AMIT network, said the conference introduced the students to diverse fields in biomedicine and also to future opportunities in them.

One of the students said, “As the future generation of Israeli scientific researchers, this conference gave us a broad view of today’s scientific forefront and what we can expect in the future.”

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