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Yovel Mor Yosef, z”l, commemorated at Ashkelon school

Yovel Mor Yosef, z”lAMIT Bet Junior and Senior High School in Ashkelon last week dedicated a beit midrash in memory of Yovel Mor Yosef, z”l, its graduate who was serving in the army and killed in a terrorist attack in December.

Mor Yosef’s family, Ashkelon Mayor Tomer Glam, Principal Yaniv Akiva, local rabbis and yeshiva heads, faculty, students, and graduates attended the ceremony dedicating the “Torat Yovel” study area.

Mor Yosef’s family also planted a tree in his memory at a special garden at the school commemorating fallen soldiers who graduated from AMIT Bet.

Mor Yosef was killed along with fellow soldier Yosef Cohen in a terrorist shooting outside the Givat Asaf outpost on December 13. Both of them served in the Nahal Haredi battalion attached to the IDF’s Kfir Brigade. He was one month shy of his 21st birthday.

Commander of the Kfir Brigade, Col. Zion Ratzon, eulogized Mor Yosef at his funeral last month, saying, “Your comrades told me about a special person, someone who lived to help others. You were a quiet, modest person with a great big heart. Loved by all your friends. Your death has left a hole in our hearts, a hole that will never heal.

“Throughout your service in the battalion, you had one mission: to defend the citizens of Israel. I promise you that our spirits will not flag. We will bravely continue our defensive and offensive missions and we’ll do everything so that the people of Israel can live in safety … your spirit will always be with us.”

Benny David, the faculty member in charge of Yovel’s class at AMIT Bet, said at his funeral, “he was a wonderful kid with an amazing personality, full of a desire to give, goodwill, and a noble spirit.”

Yovel Mor Yosef, z”l, commemorated at Ashkelon school