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Yeshivat AMIT Kfar Ganim, Petach Tikva

A model for inclusiveness, Kfar Ganim High School is dedicated to enriching children with educational opportunities that will help them reach their full potential and prepare them to give back and be productive members of Israeli society. Kfar Ganim’s currently has an enrollment of 600 students of which 20% are special needs students who are fully integrated into the school community. Most of the special education students are psychologically handicapped, though a few do have physical disabilities.

At Kfar Ganim, typical students, developmentally disabled students, and students on the Autism-Spectrum learn side by side in a fully integrated educational environment.

The school caters to a diverse student body who come from Petach Tikva and nearby cities, including Shoham and Modi’in and places a strong emphasis on high-tech and robotics. Kfar Ganim is the only Yeshiva High School in Central Israel that accepts Ethiopian immigrants and helps them acclimate into life in Israel.

AMIT Kfar Ganim has been recognized for its unique accomplishments – it recently won the Ministry of Education National Education Award for outstanding achievement.