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A win-win for an AMIT student and lonely senior

After graduating from high school, Eden Tigist Molo knew she wanted to attend a pre-army junior college and develop professionally in the field of information and communications technology. When she heard about the new junior college opening at AMIT Elaine Silver Technological High School in Beersheva, she decided to enroll despite the fact that she lives in Ashdod (about 50 miles away).

The new pre-army junior college opened its doors last month and it will play a critical role in helping the Israeli Army maintain its advanced computer systems. As the first co-ed training college of its kind, it will also play a critical role in helping young women train to become computer technicians and engineers.

Dr. Yaron Naim, who heads the junior college, decided to explore ways to ease Eden’s commute, and was introduced to an 80-year-old woman living in Beersheva who was looking for a boarder to keep her company.

Eden and the woman met, hit it off, and discovered they have some shared interests including watching a reality cooking show on TV. Eden now lives with and spends time with her when she’s not at school.

“I’m glad I was able to start my studies at the AMIT junior college,” Eden told a local Beersheva newspaper. “It’s fun to learn and discover new things every day. I’m sure I’ll work in the field of ICT in the future, and that’s why it was important for me to begin studying right after high school. I also have a great relationship with the woman who took me in, and I’m so glad I can contribute to the community and develop professionally at the same time.”

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