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Using his Life Experiences to Help Others

Dalalin Destau, a 10th grade student at AMIT Yehuda Jr. and Sr. High School in Afula experienced a very difficult childhood. He could have just buried himself in his troubles and sunk into depression, but decided to push forward and to use his experiences to help others.

Dalalin ‘s life story is fraught with difficulties and sorrow. He was born in an Ethiopian village and when he was only two years old, he lost both of his parents in succession. He moved in with his grandmother but after about two years, she also died. His aunt took him in but a few years later, his aunt left Ethiopia to move to Israel and Dalalin had to remain in Ethiopia with an uncle as he was not able to receive authorization from the ministry in Ethiopia. “Even then”, says Dalalin, “I had a dream – I wanted to go to Jerusalem, the holy city.” Four years ago, Dalalin finally fulfilled his dream and immigrated to Israel.

The absorption was not easy. “After about a year I decided that I need to do everything I can in order to succeed and change my life.” He enrolled at AMIT Yehuda in Afula. “When I started in the seventh grade, I could not even read or write. One day, the teacher came in and asked who wanted to run for student council. I didn’t understand what she said, but because some students raised their hands, I raised my hand as well.” Dalalin was chosen as a student council representative and just one year late, was elected as chairman of the student council. In addition, he also became the district representative of the National Council for Students and Youth in the Northern District.

Dalalin (who is now completely fluent in Hebrew) recently decided to establish an organization for children orphans who need help and support. He recently wrote a post on his Facebook page, explaining his plan and asking people to donate towards this cause. He concluded his post as follows – “After telling my life story, I turn to you, the Jewish people….In my experience, life as an orphan can be very challenging, and often orphans feel that they are missing parents to lean on… I recently set up an organization for orphaned children. In my vision, the organization will provide seminars and activities for those children …We will be their mother and father … I am looking for professionals who are knowledgeable in the area and can contribute from their talents for this purpose. Additionally, everyone is invited to contribute monetarily…”

According to Dalalin, the organization will provide assistance to orphans in grades 1-9. He intends to meet and get to know all of them personally. “It’s important for me to give them the feeling that they are not alone. In my dream no orphan child will feel alone. I have already received dozens of requests from professionals who want to volunteer. ”

Avital Dasa, principal of the junior high at AMIT Afula described Dalalin, “He is a student with great emotional strength and lots of motivation. His acclimation to Israel was amazing and in less than three years became the head of the student council. He is ambitious and will surely be a future leader of the State of Israel.”

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