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As part of the science program at AMIT Wasserman Ma’aleh Adumim High School for girls, the students spent a day devoted to women’s empowerment at the Technion in Haifa. The students met with the Technion’s leading female personalities, including the head of faculty and an Ethiopian doctoral student, and heard from them about their personal paths to success in the sciences.

The students toured the chemistry department and learned about the various experiments being conducted in the department. In the glass blowing laboratory, they learned how to create glass chemistry equipment. In another lab, they learned about various materials with unique features, such as a material which changes from liquid to solid after being heated, and water which evaporates without heat. At the department of electrical engineering, the students heard an explanation from the head of the faculty about the unique research being conducted there. They also learned about artificial intelligence, internet research, and unique uses for technology, such as scanning and technological mapping of archaeological finds. The Technion staff was very impressed by the knowledge that the students demonstrated during the visit.

One of the students commented: “Today was enjoyable and intriguing for me. I got to know new areas of science that I did not even know existed and I met very interesting and successful women.”

Brenda Horwitz-Parver, principal of AMIT Wasserman, explained, “Our goal was to open a window to the world of science and technology and to encourage our students to excel in the sciences and to use their talents to take their place at the forefront of scientific advancement”.