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Promoting Unity in Ra’anana

Last week, AMIT Renanim High School for Girls hosted a special session of unity between religious and secular youth in Ra’anana. Religious students from AMIT Renanim and from the AMIT Gwen Straus Science High School for boys joined together with secular students from the Aviv High School in Ra’anana for a day of acquaintance and joint study.

This special encounter is part of a municipal project whose goal is to deepen the connection between the youth, over the course of a series of meetings. At the session, tenth graders from the three schools participated in dialogue groups and learned about the deeper meaning behind the upcoming Passover holiday.

“From these sessions, we have come to realize that we have so many common interests,” said Miriam Vanish, a 10th grade student at AMIT Renanim. “Focusing on what divides us is pointless and accomplishes nothing.”

Her friend, Zohar Nahum, added, “We got to know each other and find out that we are not so different after all.”

Ofra Peer, principal of AMIT Renanim commented, “We are very happy to take part in this special activity, and to host the group at our school. I believe that the unity of the Jewish people begins with a dialogue that emphasizes the commonalities between us.”

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