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Paging the doctors of the future!

Students from the first ever class of AMIT Yud Ashdod’s medicine track recently got firsthand knowledge of the field during a visit to Kaplan medical Center in Rehovot.

The 10th-grade students got an insider’s view of the cardiology department, the trauma center, the emergency room, and intensive care unit, and they discussed with hospital staff the connection between the different departments as well as the importance of one’s bedside manner.

The students were fascinated by everything they saw and were impressed by the staff’s professionalism. One student, Sharon, said the visit enhanced her desire to work in medicine in the future. “My dream is to work in the neurology department,” she said.

Another student, Noam, added, “I left the tour understanding how important it is to be sensitive to the patient, and how much the staff sacrifice of themselves on behalf of the patients. I definitely want to work in this field in the future.”

Shimon Biton, who supervises the school’s medical track, said its goal is to expose students to the fast-paced developments in medicine so that they can easily integrate into the field in the future. “The tour helped increase the students’ curiosity and their motivation to excel,” he said.

This is the first year that the school is offering medical studies, and the students pursuing this track study for a 5-point bagrut in health sciences and medical systems in addition to a 5-point bagrut in either physics or biology. The medicine track combines these studies with visits to different hospitals and pharmaceutical companies in Israel.

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