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Hiking in the Footsteps of King Saul

Last week, the 10th grade students from AMIT Yeshivat Netivot Dror in Or Akiva went on an educational hike, following the footsteps of King Saul on Mt. Gilboa. After intensely learning the topic of King Saul’s battles against the Philistines in Navi (Prophets) class, the students set out to see the sites where the battles actually took place. The students hiked with Tanach (Bible) in hand and led the hike themselves, complete with the reading of verses from the Navi, fun competition quizzes on the topic, and skits. The students commented that they felt that they had undergone an amazing process, starting from the textual learning in the classroom to the visit of the battle sites they had learned about, and especially from the fact that they had to lead the hike themselves. After the hike, the students were asked to write a report summarizing the educational process they had experienced.

Rabbi Rami Kadar, principal of AMIT Yeshivat Netivot Dror, commented, “At AMIT Netivot Dror, we are happy to connect the textual learning in the classroom to all aspects of life. The students conquered the Gilboa with their feet and experienced an amazing educational process, bringing the theoretical learning to real life, and there is no better way to illustrate this than a physical hike. I am proud of the students and I hope to replicate this model at other sites in Israel”.

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