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A Hanukkah hackathon aims to thwart deadly menorah fires

AMIT students in Modi’in held a Hanukkah-related hackathon this week in an effort to prevent house fires caused by menorahs.

The robotics team at the Mr. and Mrs. Lester Sutker AMIT Modi’in School for Boys led the initiative, which encouraged their fellow students to come up with creative solutions to the fires that occur not infrequently during the Festival of Lights. (Last year, for example, a fire sparked by a menorah killed a mother and three of her children in Brooklyn.)

The students split up into groups and thought of ideas to prevent such fires and also to minimize physical harm and property damage. Each group had to develop a business model, logo, and marketing campaign for their proposal.

The groups were then judged according to the originality of their idea, the quality of their presentation, and their teamwork. The team that ranked No. 1 developed a special shield that goes on the menorah’s branches to prevent the flames from spreading.

Lior Halevi, the principal of AMIT Modi’in, said the students learned a great lesson during the hackathon: “Led by Trigon 5990, the elite robotics team, the students were introduced to the world of creativity and entrepreneurship, and discovered their inner entrepreneurs who think outside the box to benefit the greater good.”

To learn more about outside-the-box thinking at AMIT, watch this video:

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