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A Good Deed and its Reward

We all hope that one day our good deeds will be rewarded. In this heartwarming story, that is exactly what happened to two students who helped a woman in the street. The beginning of this story took place about six months ago. Regina Meisel (70) of Beer Sheva, a retired mathematics teacher, stumbled in the street. For many long minutes, she cried out for help and sobbed in pain, but none of those passing by bothered to stop and help her. While she was lying on the ground, Tohar Zigron and Noy Hachmon, 11th grade students at AMIT Ulpanat Dyckman passed by on their way to school. Even thought they were in a rush, they did not hesitate. They stopped, offered Meisel water to drink, and assisted her, hobbling on one foot, to get to the nearby medical clinic.

The results of the medical exams showed that Meisel had broken a leg and injured her shoulder. She was then brought to Soroka Hospital to undergo a series of complicated operations on the pelvis and knee. Once she recovered, she was determined to find the students who had helped her. She remembered that the two students had mentioned that they were on their way to school. She returned to the scene of the injury, scanned the area, and saw that AMIT Ulpana Dyckman was right nearby. She concluded that this was their school. She went inside and asked for help in locating the girls in order to thank them.

Eventually, Noy and Tohar were indentified as the girls who had helped Meisel. An emotional reunion was held in the teachers’ room, during which it came out that Noy and Tohar needed extra help to prepare for their math matriculation exam. When Meisel heard this, she excitedly told them that she was a math teacher and would be honored to tutor them on a voluntary basis.

“I flew on the pavement, called for help, cried, pleaded, but everyone ignored it, ” said Meisel. “If they would not have helped me who knows what would have happened? They really saved me. I was determined to find them. ”

The students responded simply, “We saw someone in need of help and did what needed to be done”.

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