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About Ellen’s KidsEllensKids_students

Ellen’s Kids is a landmark program for AMIT students that  embodies the essence and benevolent spirit of its namesake, Ellen Koplow, z”l.

Ellen’s Kids will provide thousands of Israeli teens in AMIT’s network of one hundred and ten schools, with greatly enhanced educational opportunities, designed to foster academic excellence and develop every student’s utmost potential. It will help AMIT students excel academically by passing their bagrut (matriculation) exams so that they can lead successful lives and build a stronger Israel.

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About Ellen Koplow

Ellen KoplowEllen was a woman whose personality and character were extraordinary. She was friendly, kind and generous to everyone she met. But beyond that she had a unique quality that enabled her to empathize with every one of G-d’s creatures. All living things were worthy of her attention and deepest concern. There was no limit to the depth of her love that she showered on her family, friends, acquaintances and even her pets.

Ellen was a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt and dear friend. She and her husband Meyer extended themselves wholeheartedly to members of their family who were in need of a meal to eat, a place to stay, a holiday to celebrate and even a college education. Her honesty, kindness and zealousness as a friend and family member could not be outdone. Her natural talents extended to her newly adopted bridge game, her grandparenting, cake and challah baking par excellence, crocheting of baby blankets, and most of all, cultivating of friendships.

Ellen was dedicated to many causes to which she lent her name and expertise, but there was no cause closer to her heart than AMIT. She appreciated the value of education and how an excellent education can shape, elevate and fulfill a child’s dreams of the future. Each child was a precious soul full of potential. She was particularly proud of AMIT’s work in elevating the bagrut (matriculation) scores of its pupils.

She set new standards for annual giving to AMIT through President’s Circle and through her father’s charitable fund, The Harvey Goodstein Foundation. Ellen and her family established the Harvey Goodstein Sports Complex at Kfar Batya, where the playing field is the scene for both competitive and non-competitive sports. Ellen recognized that through sports, children are able to learn the values of cooperation and leadership, hard work and devotion to success, humility and good sportsmanship, in addition to having fun.

Ellen held many leadership positions at AMIT and was a member of the Board of Directors, where she is remembered for her insightful comments. Her modesty, generosity and kindness were an example to all. Ellen never sought credit or any recognition for her considerable work or financial contributions to AMIT. She merely enjoyed being a part of the wonder we call AMIT.