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Basketball on Wheels at AMIT Sutker Modiin

Students at AMIT Sutker Modiin High School for Boys experienced a particularly challenging game of basketball recently – a basketball game on wheels. The game was led by members of a local organization for basketball players with disabilities, including members of the Israeli Paralympics team. The guests shared their personal stories with students, as well as their insights about dealing with crisis situations. The encounter included a basketball game between the professional Paralympic players and the students. Students also had a chance to try playing the game in wheelchairs, which helped them appreciate the difficulty of the game on wheels and realize how expert and proficient their opponents truly are.

“Interacting with individuals who are experiencing significant difficulties and dealing with them bravely taught students to believe in the power of the spirit in dealing with the challenges of the body,” said Rabbi Itamar Haikin, principal of AMIT Sutker Modiin.

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