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modiin olim award

Eli Schechter of AMIT Sutker High School for boys and Dina Cohen of AMIT Modiin High School for girls received the national “Outstanding Immigrant” award this week. The two students received the award at a festive ceremony called “Olim of the Decade”, in which new immigrant students and the educational institutions that assisted in their absorption were commended.

Dina Cohen (Grade 12) immigrated to Israel from England about five years ago. The award was granted to her in recognition of her volunteer work and significant social involvement, and for excellence in her studies despite the language gaps. Eli Schechter (Grade 9) immigrated to Israel from the United States last summer with little knowledge of the Hebrew language and within six months at Ulpan at AMIT Sutker, he acquired an impressive Hebrew vocabulary. He joined the school band as an electric guitar player and this contributed to his quick and smooth absorption in the school and in Israel.

Eli Schechter said, “The teachers and students at AMIT welcomed me warmly and did what they could to ease my absorption in Israel, in Modiin, and at the school.”

Rabbi Itamar Haikin, principal at AMIT Sutker commented, “We are proud to welcome new immigrants to our school, to bring them with love into the AMIT family and to be their first home in the homeland.”

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