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AMIT student filmmakers reel in cinema awards

Two AMIT schools won second-place prizes for their films at a national competition of cinema and communications students.

The competition, organized by the Education Ministry’s religious education authority, judges the creative skills of student filmmakers in various categories.

Students from AMIT Gould Hallel Jr. and Sr. High School for Girls won second place in the feature film category with their movie “Einstein 12.” The film tells the story of a young woman who volunteers to help a boy with learning difficulties and explores what happens when her efforts to help meet the difficult circumstances of his home life.

The film, created by students Danielle, Eden, Sapir, and Rotem, already has more than 52,000 views on YouTube.

Another moving film, created by students at Yeshivat AMIT Kfar Ganim in Petach Tikva, won second place in the documentary category. Film students Ido, Itay, Oded, and Shlomo created “From Ar’ara to Auschwitz and Back,” about Mahmoud—the school’s Arab superintendent—who joins them on their annual heritage trip to Poland.

This is the third award for their film, in which Mahmoud, who is responsible for handling the logistics of the trip, deliberates whether he should go on the journey.

Both groups of students, joined by their mentors, accepted their awards at a ceremony at the Jerusalem Cinematheque last week.