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AMIT Kiryat Malachi is now home to young entrepreneurs

AMIT Kiryat Malachi Jr. and Sr. High School recently welcomed a new addition to its grounds—an “entrepreneurship center” run by the nonprofit Unistream, which was founded by businessman Rony Zarom in 2001 to teach underprivileged Israeli children entrepreneurial skills.

The organization already has almost 10 such centers up and running around Israel. The new one in Kiryat Malachi serves students from the AMIT school and another nearby school, with 25 children taking part in the program thus far.

During their participation in the program, the students are exposed to the worlds of business and entrepreneurship. Over the past year, before the center opened and when the students were learning in an AMIT classroom, they brainstormed ideas for startups and presented them before a group of judges who recommended which ideas to pursue. They did market research and feasibility studies and ended up with two projects: a pocket-size first-aid kit called “pocketaid” and a navigation app to be used in shopping centers called “allmall.”

The Kiryat Malachi students presented their initiatives at the “Entrepreneur of the Year 2018” competition held in Tel Aviv this week. They joined about 1,000 other students from across Israel who are taking part in the Unistream project. There they met more than 1,500 entrepreneurs from the business world, and got to hear from Unistream founder Zarom as well as the CEO of Israel’s Innovation Authority.

Kfir Zoor, director of the Unistream center in Kiryat Malachi, said the project is a “breakthrough for the teens in the city and forges a new path of positive change that will allow them to be a part of the Start-up Nation’s success.”

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