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AMIT Junior Colleges

AMIT’s junior college programs serve more than 400 students from underserved areas in Ashkelon, Ramle, Jerusalem, Rehovot and Petach Tikva. Students spend two years studying trade-related curriculums and are taught vocational skills to equip them to enter the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), very often into elite units, or national service.

These ambitious and dedicated young people are given the opportunity to study in programs that include medical office administration, automotive mechanics and industrial/electrical engineering/operations systems. They typically hone these skills even further when they enter the IDF. Upon graduating from our programs, they receive a Ministry of Education technician’s diploma, which gives them a significant advantage in finding better-paying jobs.

Like all other AMIT programs, the process takes a holistic approach to developing the whole person. Curriculums include personal and individualized training, experience in the industry and trade of their choice, as well as life-skills training. Because of this unique approach, our graduates are empowered to make a difference in their own lives and for Israeli society.