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AMIT entrepreneurs get “charged up” at visit to Powermat

Ninth-grade students at AMIT Gwen Straus who are taking part in a unique entrepreneurship program went on a tour of the Powermat Technologies offices this week, where they met with CEO Elad Dubzinski and learned about wireless charging solutions.

The program, which is led by high-tech industry veteran Galia Kedmi Fragman and AMIT computers teacher Dorit Aharon, exposes students to the world of innovation and entrepreneurship. It aims to help them develop more inventive thinking and gives them real-world experience by introducing them to seasoned high-tech experts and bringing them into their companies.

The visit to Powermat is part of AMIT’s newly opened “Academy of Entrepreneurship & Innovation,” located at AMIT’s Gogya teacher training center in Ra’anana. This program, which got underway after the Jewish holidays, comprises two parts: an innovation hub and a maker’s space.

By learning directly from established entrepreneurs, AMIT students develop 21st-century skills, such as teamwork, critical thinking, project management, public speaking, and conflict resolution. Industry mentors work on-site at the Gogya center and expose students to real-time experience in the world of startups.

The maker’s space, which is in the works, is suited to students who like to work with their hands to build what they, and the budding entrepreneurs in the innovation hub, conceive together. It will be outfitted with a 3D printer, wood, paper, plastic—any and all materials that the students can use to turn their ideas into actual working models.

“Our goal is to open to the students as many avenues as possible to the world of entrepreneurship, research, and science in order to enable each of them to reach their full potential in any field of that he chooses,” said Yaron Carmi, principal of Gwen Straus’ law and society track.

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