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7 AMIT students named network’s physics champs

As part of the AMIT network’s efforts to get students to think creatively and take on academic challenges, it introduced a network-wide physics Olympiad several years ago, and recently crowned the winners of the 2018-2019 school year.

The first stage of the Olympiad took place in the fall, when 140 students from AMIT schools across the country took part in the competition at the Gogya teacher training center in Ra’anana. Out of those students, 31—16 girls and 15 boys—advanced to the next round.

The second stage took place in January, when the top physics students in the network took an online test and then came to four different centers in northern, central and southern Israel to participate in a lab exercise. Together the two components tested the students’ knowledge and their research skills and encouraged them to learn in a more experiential way that also happened to be fun.

After all the scores were tallied, seven 11th-grade students—three boys and four girls—were named the winners. They are: Dana (1st place), Hila (2nd), Shoshana and Noy (tied for 3rd) from AMIT Wasserman in Beersheva and Ulpanat AMIT Givat Shmuel and Daniel (1st), Matan (2nd) and Eliyahu (3rd) from AMIT Wasserman, Yeshivat AMIT Amichai in Rehovot and AMIT Eitan in Ma’ale Adumim.

These students will form the AMIT network’s physics team that will hopefully go on to represent AMIT at international physics competitions.

Dr. Rachela Turgeman, who heads the network’s physics studies and leads its community of physics teachers, initiated the network’s physics Olympiad as part of her varied efforts to get more students interested in physics and in pursuing the subject at the 5-unit bagrut level.

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