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AMIT Renanim Jr. and Sr. Science and Technology High School for Girls, Ra’anana

Ofra Pe’er, the principal, believes that the next Prime Minister of Israel will be a graduate of her school. When you start with that goal in mind, there’s no stopping the students from achieving great things.

AMIT Renanim student body of nearly 660 girls has a wide mix of religious and ethnic backgrounds. Thirty percent of the girls are new immigrants, from places as varied as the U.S., U.K., France, Spain, South America, South Africa and Morocco. Helping so many girls—many who lack even basic Hebrew skills—catch up academically and integrate socially is a key goal for the school. An ulpan provides extensive Hebrew language studies to the new immigrants.

Academic excellence is the school’s focus. Girls’ empowerment begins early, with a unique science and technology track in the Junior High School that offers extra hours each week, in computers, science, and physics. Two Jewish studies tracks are available. Electives include robotics, French, Arabic, communications, a volunteer program, and a program that combines Torah studies with art. In the Senior High School, empowerment takes the form of the many STEM subjects available, among a long list that includes physics, biology, chemistry, computers and cyber technology, and bio-technology, as well as sociology/psychology, art, graphic design, literature, French, Arabic, and developmental psychology.

The school also has a program that provides educational support and assistance to girls who have a difficult time keeping up academically. A personal plan is created for each girl, providing extra weekly hours of individual tutoring or small group learning. AMIT Renanim also boasts a high-quality arts program that combines art history with hands-on arts classes; the school’s corridors are always filled with the students’ creations.

Small classes, extra teaching hours, and pre-exam tutoring have helped the school—including the special education classes—score an impressive 80% bagrut rate. Qualitative-edge bagrut is a major focus, with well over half of the students earning a Scientific/Technological bagrut by studying level 5 English, math, science, computers and bio-technology, placing them at the top of the pack nationally for meaningful military service, higher education and high-tech professions.