AMIT Store

The AMIT store offers a variety of opportunities to connect with, honor or commemorate friends and loved ones. By choosing to send an AMIT card or certificate, you are choosing to support children in Israel by providing them with the education, tools and support they need to live a successful life.

  • Cards

    Looking to send a unique card to a loved one or friend on special occasions or holidays? These cards, some of which are designed by AMIT students, show you care – not just about those who are close to you, but about children in Israel.

  • Certificates

    Support children in Israel with an AMIT certificate. The many options include honoring or memorializing a loved one, funding specific services or programs at AMIT schools and wedding and birthday certificates. Whichever certificate you choose, you are helping nurture and educate Israeli children.

  • In Memory Of

    Honor your loved one by helping AMIT save and nurture a Jewish child. At your time of loss, AMIT will be there to provide: Daily Kaddish for the first eleven months, including memorial plaque, annual Kaddish and notification of Yahrtzeit.