President's Message - AMIT

President’s Message

Debbie Moed

AMIT has been building Israel through education for 93 years, and it is clear, as we look ahead to the future, that it continues to be a major force in shaping Israeli education and society. We see it in tangible results, like the increasing number of AMIT students, both young women and men, who choose to study in the highest-level tracks of math, physics, and other science and technology subjects, or the 85% bagrut matriculation rate that surpasses the national average of 70%.

These academic achievements, along with AMIT student victories at competitions in every field from art to Zionism, are certainly impressive. What those numbers don’t convey, however, is the enthusiasm and motivation that is palpable every time I enter an AMIT school and talk to the students.

Their excitement about learning—and being active participants in the process—is contagious, particularly in the schools that have incorporated the Gogya method developed at AMIT’s teacher training center in Ra’anana. All across the network, AMIT schools are literally breaking barriers and tearing down walls to create open spaces that encourage students to drive the learning process and acquire crucial skills that will set them on a path to success.

Our students are not only achieving academic excellence, like the girls at AMIT Gould in Rehovot who achieved a 100% bagrut pass rate in 2017, or the award-winning AMIT Bar Ilan Netanya boys who developed an app to ease communication between parents and children with developmental challenges. Our students are also incorporating Jewish values into their everyday lives by looking outside the school walls and into their local communities. In Afula, AMIT students raised funds for a special bar mitzvah celebration for a boy whose family has limited means, while students at Yeshivat Kfar Ganim went on a weeklong hike in Israel as well as a joint trip to Poland with their autistic classmates—both incredibly formative experiences for all of them.

What makes these extraordinary accomplishments possible is your support. Last year, generous donors enabled AMIT to open another junior college, providing students with the technical and vocational training to be accepted into sought-after positions in the army and find gainful employment after completing their service. Another generous supporter funded a math excellence program for girls, which gives them the confidence to pursue more rigorous academic studies. Both of these gifts have had life-changing impacts by giving students in-demand skills, enabling them to live up to their potential and, ultimately, contribute their utmost to Israeli society.

An AMIT educational revolution is taking place in Israel—and it is all because of the generosity of our steadfast supporters. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a real difference for our children as AMIT enters its 94th year. Thank YOU!

Debbie Moed