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New Robotics Lab at AMIT Kiryat Malachi

A ceremony was held recently to launch a new science, space and robotics laboratory at AMIT Kiryat Malachi.

The new laboratory, which will serve junior high school robotics students, was a collaboration of the AMIT Network and YTEK, a not-for-profit organization working in cooperation with the Technion to promote science and technology education. The ceremony was attended by Member of Knesset Avi Wortzman, Deputy Minister of Education;  Kiryat Malachi Mayor Eliyahu Zohar;  Dr. Amnon Eldar, Director General of the AMIT Network, Dr. Florence Azran, Head of the Science and Technology at the Ministry of Education; Arthur Zamshman, YTEK CEO; and Assaf Cohen, principal of AMIT Kiryat Malachi.

At the ceremony, the Deputy Minister of Education praised the wonderful progress of AMIT Kiryat Malachi. MK Wortzman emphasized his deep commitment to the South in general and to the city of Kiryat Malachi in particular, and declared his intention to continue promoting technology education starting in elementary school. Mayor Eliyahu Zohar promised to make the entire city a City of Tomorrow and noted the importance of investing in education as an investment in the future of the city and its residents. Principal Assaf Cohen thanked all the parties that collaborated on the project and announced the opening of a seventh grade science track class next year that will include physics and robotics studies.