Mishloach Manot for Alumni in the Army - AMIT

Mishloach Manot for Alumni in the Army

At AMIT Gwen Straus Society and Law track in Kfar Batya, Ra’anana, Mishloach Manot will be sent to every graduate serving in the army. Teachers and students have been working together to pack up candies, snacks, and personal cards which will be delivered to the graduates’ army bases right before Purim. The students at AMIT Gwen Straus enjoyed making the packages. They know many of the graduates on a personal level (since they were in school with them) and they feel good knowing that when they themselves graduate and go on to military service, the school will remember them as well.

According to Yaron Carmi, principal of AMIT Gwen Straus Society and Law, the school’s relationship with students does not end at the end of their time at school. He explained, “We believe in education as a family, and ongoing contact with our alumni is extremely important to us, especially during their years of military service and contribution to the state”.