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The Next Prime Minister of Israel

Ofra Pe’er, the principal at AMIT Renanim Junior and Senior Science and Technology High School for Girls, believes that the next Prime Minister of Israel will come from her school. When you start with that end goal in mind, there’s no stopping the students from achieving great things. Because of its outstanding reputation for academics, AMIT Renanim is attracting religious girls from Ra’anana and 20% are new immigrants from around the world. “We believe that every girl should do whatever she likes,” commented Ofra. “We give them all the tools they need to choose what they want to study and bring in female role models from all professions to speak about the many career opportunities available to them.”

In addition to providing special programs in accelerated math and science, there is a learning center to help girls with learning disabilities who need special attention. The girls can choose to pursue advanced Torah studies as well. Renanim is opening new doors by providing access to high-tech studies in cyber and computer sciences. I spoke with Meital, a 10th grade student, who told me, “I am studying cyber and computers so that I can have a career in the high-tech sector. The courses will also help me get into a key intelligence unit in the army.” Meital takes extra hours for math and enjoys the project-based exams. All the girls are encouraged to take 5-pt. math (highest level) and they meet with mentors from the army who work with them.

Arielle told me that she studies physics so that she can have different options available to her. She works very hard and is interested in engineering and the law enforcement. “I have gained a lot of confidence because of what I’m learning. Sometimes, we even get to teach the classes, remarked Arielle.” Girls come here because of the school’s strong reputation and because it offers the most diverse courses and has very high standards. Will Meital or Arielle be Israel’s next Prime Minister? While we don’t know the answer yet, they will certainly be well prepared to take on the mantle of leadership in industry or government.

Shelley Labiner
Director of Marketing & Communications

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