Let's Celebrate Jerusalem's 50th Together! - AMIT

Let’s Celebrate Jerusalem’s 50th Together!

I am honored and excited to be chairing the AMIT mission celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the re-unification of Jerusalem. Even though I was only a child, I vividly remember the miracle of the Six-Day war and the exhilaration and joy I felt when the war was won by the Israelis. I had visited Israel with my family the prior year and was deeply affected by our inability to visit the Kotel. When I did finally get to the Kotel a few years later, the overwhelming sensation of thousands of years of history washed over me.

It is hard to believe that already 50 years have passed since that incredible moment happened. I have been fortunate to visit Israel many times since then, and yet with each visit I still feel the elation and joy at being able to walk through the Jewish Quarter of the Old City and pray at the Kotel.

I hope that you will join with me and Anne Golombeck on AMIT’s upcoming Yom Yerushalayim mission so that together we can commemorate and honor this momentous time in Jerusalem. It will be a true celebration of our people’s history.


Francine Stein
Co-chair Yom Yerushalayim Mission