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“I’m coming home” is truly the way I feel each time I enter Yerushalayim. Just set me loose to walk and wander for hours and nothing makes me happier, except, maybe sitting at my favorite restaurants, shopping at my favorite spots, and enjoying culture along with our Jewish history as I behold the modern and ancient melding seamlessly together.

My one-of-a-kind emotions are saved for my one-of-a-kind city. I can’t even think about a time – שהכותל לא היה בידינו- that the Kotel wasn’t in our hands. Being in my city, in my home celebrating 50 years of us enjoying all of Yerushalayim is something I can’t wait for!

From being teary eyed and so proud at my son David’s Tekes Hashbaa, his swearing into צה״ל, the IDF, at Givat Hatachmoshet, Ammunition Hill, to being teary eyed again and a proud aunt at my nephew David Moed’s Tekes Hashbaa, swearing in into צה״ל, the IDF, at the Kotel a few months later, I couldn’t help but think about 1967 Yerushalayim at each ceremony.

Ammunition Hill, a crucial battleground for our חיילים, and so instrumental in taking back the Old City and the Kotel that was ours once again as our חיילים were able to gather and daven there together.

Yerushalayim, you’re ours once again, now and forever, so please share my excitement and join AMIT as we revisit the miracles of The Six Day War and marvel at our further accomplishments 50 years later!

There are so many great highlights for our upcoming trip, but none will be as special as having you with us to celebrate together. So do it right and come join me for this milestone Yom Yerushalayim celebration “AMIT style!”

Anne Golombeck
Co-Chair Yom Yerushalayim Mission

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