What does the high school graduate of the future look like? - AMIT

What does the high school graduate of the future look like?

That question ignited the process of change that resulted in AMIT’s revolutionary pedagogical approach, which was developed at its Gogya teacher training center in Ra’anana.

The answer is that a successful graduate not only excels academically, but is also all of the following: a problem-solver, critical thinker, team player, independent, entrepreneurial, community-oriented, and curious about the world and how it works.

When AMIT set out to transform its educational process to produce the high school graduate of the future, the next question was: What does it take to produce that kind of student?

The answer was finding the right kind of teachers and principals who take a radically different approach to teaching and learning—one that focuses on the child, one that sparks students’ curiosity by making learning accessible and engaging, and one that makes education relevant to their lives.

Life in Israel can be challenging, and the country’s education system has faced great hurdles since its inception—even before the establishment of the state. It has had to integrate students from different countries, socioeconomic and religious backgrounds, while striving toward academic excellence and higher standardized test scores.

AMIT has also existed since before Israel was established, and it has always adapted to help Israeli children get the most cutting-edge Jewish values–based education—one that would prepare them for the future.

When the education system worked to embrace waves of new immigrants, AMIT was there, working to absorb these new students and helping them integrate into Israeli society and culture.

Israel has had to contend with educating the different sectors of Israeli society in an effort to close the opportunity gap. It has also evolved to meet modern-day educational standards and pedagogical practices, such as encouraging scientific and technological studies and promoting gender equality.

Throughout its history, AMIT has been there to help Israel’s education system surmount these challenges, all while nurturing and caring for each individual child in its schools and forging a strong Jewish and Zionist identity.

Today, AMIT, designated as the Israeli government’s official reshet (network) for religious secondary technological education since 1981, has expanded into an extensive network of 106 schools and youth villages in 29 cities across Israel.

Recognized by the Education Ministry as Israel’s premier educational network, AMIT is having a dramatic effect on the country’s educational landscape and on Israeli society as a whole.

AMIT’s commitment to building a strong Israel through education coupled with your philanthropy has impacted hundreds of thousands of children’s lives. Together, we are leading the educational revolution that is shaping the future of Israel.

Thank YOU for making this possible!