AMIT Sema and Moshe Menora, z”l Back-to-School Campaign - AMIT

AMIT Sema and Moshe Menora, z”l Back-to-School Campaign

Our 34,000 students in Israel—children who represent a cross-section of the country’s incredibly diverse population— are beginning a new year at AMIT schools. What makes AMIT schools so special, and so successful, is the cutting-edge education that emphasizes Jewish values accompanied by supportive teachers and staff. The results are astounding: most students come from the periphery and low socioeconomic backgrounds, yet 85% of them obtain a bagrut (matriculation) certificate compared to 70% nationwide.

Your support helps guarantee that our children will have the supplies, tutoring and quality education they need to continue to excel – whether it be at winning robotics competitions, science awards, art and music recognition, Bible and Judaism contests.

Thank you for ensuring that Israeli children get the same educational opportunities that you had so that they can fulfill their role as contributing members of Israeli society.

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