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Being Driven to History

The taxi driver. Ask any seasoned business traveler for the latest and best information anywhere—what to do, where to go, where to get it (anything), how to get there—and he’ll tell you, hail a cab. And then there are Israeli taxi drivers—in my experience, a breed apart from the rest. Their unique Jewish, blue collar and Middle Eastern backgrounds can make for fascinating interaction with those not familiar with the culture, where the passenger is regarded not as a fare, but as a charge to be carefully served, attended—and questioned.


The AMIT Difference

I touched down in Israel as wildfires were burning around the country, affecting AMIT schools in multiple communities. Almost instantly, AMIT students, faculty and administrators responded to the need.

Anne Golombeck - Israel

Anne Golombeck Blog

“I’m coming home” is truly the way I feel each time I enter Yerushalayim. Just set me loose to walk and wander for hours and nothing makes me happier, except, maybe sitting at my favorite restaurants, shopping at my favorite spots, and enjoying culture along with our Jewish history as I behold the modern and ancient melding seamlessly together.

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