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We’re Living in Dangerous Times

With anti-Semitic rhetoric and acts of violence rising worldwide, it’s well known that more and more families are choosing to make aliyah. As a result, Reshet AMIT’s principals and teachers are being called upon to help new students, and their parents, integrate seamlessly into Israeli society.


A Special Lady

I recently met with a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor. She told me that she survived the war with forged Polish papers which allowed her to flee from Poland to Austria and then Germany, where she worked at various factories and farms. She survived by pretending to be a non-Jewish Polish worker.


The Next Prime Minister of Israel

Ofra Pe’er, the principal at AMIT Renanim Junior and Senior Science and Technology High School for Girls, believes that the next Prime Minister of Israel will come from her school. When you start with that end goal in mind, there’s no stopping the students from achieving great things.

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