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The AMIT Future Leaders Initiative is a group of college and post college students that began in 2009. AFLI was spearheaded by graduates of Midreshet AMIT, who were inspired by their year in Israel and by their work with the children of AMIT Frisch Beit Hayeled in Jerusalem. In the past three years, AFLI has run three incredibly successful Yom Ha’atzmaut events as well as smaller fundraisers such as a movie screening and a flag football tournament. The group is always looking for new exciting events and ideas, so if you or anyone you know would like to get involved, please email Sara Cherny at SaraC@amitchildren.org or call 212-792-5690.

“The AMIT Future Leaders Initiative is one of the only branches of a Jewish non-profit organization that is reaching out to college students. In college you have the opportunity to meet so many different types of people, and it leaves you thinking about the many children who might not get the chance to go to college. That’s where AMIT’s appeal comes in.”

Elana Loeffler Grauer AFLI Co-Founder and Mentor

“So many of my friends feel such a strong connection to Israel, so for them any pro-Israel cause is worthwhile. But when people get wind of the impact they can have more than 33,000 students in Israel through AMIT, they become excited and energized.”

Alex Luxenberg AFLI Mentor and past Chair

Recent Events

AFLI 2016 Yom Ha’atzmaut Social

AFLI Bowl 2015